Candle Care


All of our candles are made from high quality fragrance oils. They have excellent cold throw which means that they have the ability to fill a space with their aroma without the need to even light it. Although we think these bubbles are “too cute to light”, we know many of you can’t wait to burn yours.

Here are a few things to consider before lighting your bubbles.

1. We recommend placing your bubble on a surface that can collect any melted wax. (Mini plates available for purchase under our Accessories section hehe)

2. Never leave a lit bubble unattended.

3. FIRST LIGHT: the first burn is the most important. This will dictate the burn time and quality of the burn thereafter. Blow out the flame once a 1.5inch melt pool forms (roughly 30mins).

4. Allow wax to solidly before re-lighting.

Please note that burn time is heavily dependent on the first light and the length of each burn. We recommend incremental burns of 30-45mins for best results. 

*Keep in mind that these candles are not jarred and therefore wax spillage is normal


All the intoxicating aromas of our bubbles, now in jarred form. This collection was made to light - guilt free. 

1. FIRST LIGHT: like our bubbles, the first burn is the most important. Allow melted wax to reach the parameters of jar before blowing out the flame.

2. If this is not possible and tunnelling occurs, create an aluminum foil dome around the top of the lit candle and allow the wax from the sides to melt down evenly.

3. Trim wicks before each light. This is very important. You can use a wick cutter or pinch off the burnt part with your fingers.

4. Do not leave your candle burning for longer than 4 hours. Keep away from drafts. Burn of heat sage surface.

5. Do not leave a lit jar unattended.

6. Stop candle when 1/2” of wax remains.

Once candle has been completely burned, be sure to clean and preserve the jar and make use of it to store miscellaneous items around your home. We recommend storing cotton swabs or using it as a v aesthetic pencil holder.