Night Out | Charcoal Concrete Engraved Candle by Alex Centomo


A Night Out With Alex Centomo

Introducing our 3rd Collaboration with Montreal-based influencer Alex Centomo.

"Night Out" is Alex's embodiment of adventure, and outdoor exploration, and travel. This fragrance takes you on a journey with top notes of green bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus, mid notes of sage, rosemary, and mint, and base notes of patchouli, balsam fir, and musk. It's the essence of a night under the starry Scottish sky, capturing unforgettable moments of excitement and connection. Dive into the spirit of adventure and spend the evening exploring with Alex on your "Night out".


Fragrance Notes:


Product Details: 

10oz Soy wax with cotton wick, in onyx concrete, engraved jar.
Roughly 60 hour burn time

These candles won't take care of themselves. Learn about candle care here.

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